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There are some shoes that no matter how much time goes by always remain in demand and in style through the years and generations. The oldest known style of shoes are the sandals and they are followed by the beloved and stylish boot. One shoe that has also remained in style year after year century after century is the clog. The clog has from its origin been a shoe of function and still remains so today.

The clog’s first use was as a wooden shoe used in countries such as Denmark and the Netherlands as a farm shoes that wooden structure allowed farmers to easily keep their feet dry and wash mud off with out much problem. Another benefit of the wooden clog was their ability to last a long time and because of their natural wood footbeds and soles they gave the additional benefit to the wearer the ability to stand on their feet all day and have tremendous support for their arches and feet.

Today’s clogs still offer the same benefits that the clogs of old offered hundreds of years ago. They still are well made, chemical, oil and dirt resistant, and give superior support for long lasting comfort and durability.   Clogs today are still shoes of functionality first and style second. These shoes are mostly used in the industrial, medical, food and farming industries. Known for their slip resistance, the ability to allow you stand on your feet all day and last durability makes these shoes the top pick for many of today’s nurses, chefs, waiters and anyone who need to be on there feet all day.

Three of the best brands of clogs in the market today are Sanita, Dansko and Alegria shoes. Today we will look at all  3 brands and their benefits.

For over 100 years Sanita has been manufacturing clogs in Denmark and has been the leading manufacturer of Danish Clogs.  Their tradition of handmade shoes and superior quality is the reason why they are of the premier clog makers in the world.  Known for their classic styles mixed with innovative and trendy new design Sanita has been brand has been steadily growing the past 5 years.

They were the exclusive clog maker for Dansko for many years until their partnership and contract ended a few years ago. Now free from constraints Sanita has been pushing hard to capture the American market as they have most of Europe.

For comfort and quality there is no finder Danish Clog than Sanita. Price is competitive. Fashion and trends are fair with both Alegria and Dansko edging them out.

For over 20 years Dansko has been the leader of clogs in the United States and a major brand in Europe. They first were in partnership with Sanita, to make their shoes for them,  for about 15 of those years. During that time they dominated the U.S. market and Western Europe. Known for their high quality shoes that both food and medical professionals fell in love with. Dansko almost solely brought back the clog into style when their demand was waning.

Dansko did something no one else had been able to do with clogs. That is bring both style and comfort to the shoe. For years the clog was the clog but now Dansko was bringing in bright colors, patent leather, funky animal prints to the mix. This was very well received and they continue to come up with original designs and patterns for clogs, mules and their clog sandals.

Dankso excels in trendy and fashionable clogs. Since splitting up with Sanita many have complained that the quality is just not there anymore while others still think the quality is superior and their lighter clogs make easier wearing.  Dansko also has maintained their amazing footbeds that really contribute to greater comfort and posture.

Alegria is the new kid on the block being around for about 5 years now. Though new they have taken the clog and footwear industry by storm. This brand does not produce the traditional danish clog look but a much sleeker and much more fun styles.

For years if you wanted a clog you really were talking about danish clogs and that traditional look. No matter how brands like Sanita and Dankso designed and made their shoes more exciting the relative concept of the clog was still the same. Alegria came out to start a new trend in the clog industry. They wanted a fun, hip , look and feel to their clogs that women would love to wear not only for comfort but as an expression of themselves.  They filled their shoe line with bright colors and patterns that were a far cry from traditional clogs. Their shoes also have a very unique feel and look to them. The soles are very cushioned that makes you feel like you are walking on air. The shapes are also unique and do not resemble a traditional clog, but has a younger, trendy feel.

Alegria is the sure winner if you want a trendy clog that is also comfortable. Their prices are much more affordable than both Sanita and Dankso. The quality and durability is not quite there is with the other two brands but still ranks high. They also lack the traditional wood insoles that many people prefer for arch support .


So there you are 3 wonderful clogs all unique in their own way with benefits and disadvantages. It all really depends on what you are looking to do in your shoes and your own personal style. Do you want the highest quality or the most trendy. No matter what you decide selecting any of these clogs would surely make your feet happy.


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