Ash Unique One Of A Kind High Top Sneakers

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Sneakers are a mainstay in everyone’s wardrobe, most of which are similar in style and design. Sometimes though you want a pair of shoes that has all the benefits of sneaker, mainly the comfort, but is more stylish and unique looking. In the past we have seen many brands come out with styles that stretch the definition of sneakers. Some if these have included: high heeled sneakers (but truth be told they really do not fit the criteria of being a sneaker) leather sneakers ( that do not breath too well and can not be worn for long periods of time) and other non traditional materials.

Ash, an Italian shoe brand, is the latest to design and sell a sneaker that does not truly fit in the category of a traditional shoe. Ash is a brand that has only been around since 2000 and has made quite an impact on the footwear world in that short amount of time. Known for their perfect balance of elegance and trend, Ash shoes are ones that will take you from day to night easily. They are known for their innovative designs and one of a kind styles. Most of the shoes that make up their line are formal but they do have a large array of more casual shoes made in denim and canvas. These denim and canvas shoes do not take away from the sophistication that the line represents, but rather make you think outside of the box as to what is traditional or not.

The Ash Neo shoes are the perfect example of a shoe that is non traditional. At first glance you may think that the Neo is made by Converse but it is not. Once you look at the shoe closer you can see the thought and design put into this shoe. The Ash Neo is a high top lace up sneaker with a cut out toe area, pyramid studs at the back of the ankle, worn spots and frayed edges. The shoe comes in many different color choices. You can get the shoe in a dark blue denim, white denim, light faded denim, beige denim, or a camouflage canvas.

Ash Neo High Top Sneakers

Ash Neo High Top Sneakers

If it is a closed toe sneaker you are looking for but still want a unique high top the Ash Vulcan is a great option. This high top sneaker has mixed metal grommets along both sides of the shoe, lace up ties, and a zipper on the inside side of the sneaker. This sneaker comes in the choice of black or white canvas.

Ash Volcan High Top Sneakers with Grommets

Ash Volcan High Top Sneakers with Grommets

If the Ash Volcan or Neo is not what you are looking for exactly, the Ash Virgin High Top is another option for you. This high top canvas sneaker has 5 buckles that secure the shoe on your foot which are also very decorative. There is also decorative buckle at the back of the shoe as well. The Virgin has a choice of blue or white canvas.

Virgin Navy Canvas

Virgin Navy Canvas

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